A trusted voice in the industry since 1927, TOBE remains a consumer-centric think tank focused on delivering best-in-class research, inspiration and direction for targeting, capturing and delighting the customer. TOBE concentrates on defining the influence that fashion and aesthetics have on the consumer to offer insightful top-level thinking in concisely curated formats.

Membership is designed to offer the very best thought leadership for evolving business solutions:

The TOBE Report—monthly—In-depth research focused on the movements we see affecting the consumer and retail; perspective on what is capturing the consumer about these issues and direction for applying the knowledge to the current brand, retail and cultural landscape.

TOBE Evolve—every other month—An expert eye trained on how each consumer segment is dressing, how they are incorporating new items and classifications into their wardrobes and how they are styling themselves, with special attention to emerging silhouettes, essential items and the totality of apparel and accessories from head-to-toe.

TOBE Daily—every workday—Thoughtful observations on what we are seeing that inspires and provokes. Aimed at sparking creativity and starting internal conversations on innovative business strategies, powerful marketing initiatives and leading design and merchandising direction.

TOBE Data—every other week—Data driven topics boiled down to decision-making takeaways. Primarily quantitative, demographic or psychographic research relevant to the strategic decisions executives make in moving their business forward.

TOBE Digital—monthly—A topical, digital dossier focused on the merchandising and presentation of the selling environment. The visual, tactile and experiential appeal of live or digital engagement with consumers, expressed through a multidimensional “mood board” of imagery, audio, video and supporting articles.

TOBE Moment—rolling calendar updated monthly—A live consumer culture calendar spotlighting events set to be in the consumer’s field of vision up to nine months in advance. We include references and concepts expected to trigger shifts in consumer style preferences and inspire related product, merchandising and marketing messages.

TOBE Snapshot—monthly—A monthly roundup of the standout items, collections and brands, plus key fashion and styling influences in the women’s ready-to-wear and accessories markets— Designer/Young Designer, Contemporary/Young Contemporary, Teen/Tween and Accessories/Footwear.

TOBE Presentations—six times per year—Merchandising, strategic and business topics presented in a conversational format. An opportunity for us to share our ideas and viewpoints as educated observers of the industry. These presentations can be in our New York offices or organized as video conferences.

TOBE Dispatches—ad hoc—As we conduct research on the above, we develop useful intelligence that we share with our clients; transparency into our research process and our review and evaluation of trade shows, fashion weeks and other business or industry activities.

Leslie J Ghize
Executive Vice President, Tobe