And 90+ years of expertise.

Our founder Tobe Coller Davis, or simply "Tobe" as she was famously known, opened the doors to her eponymous fashion advisory service in New York City in 1927, with a vision we still honor. Tobe's accomplishments were great, even by today's standards.

Her legacy lives on collectively embodied by the TOBE team. We remain a consumer-first think tank for clients in fashion, entertainment, beauty, food, hospitality and more, approaching each effort with fresh eyes, critical thinking and discerning analysis. TOBE's accomplishments are great, even by today's standards.

She was among the first to report from the European fashion shows via TOBE Cables as early as 1927, from none other than the Ritz in Paris.

In 1928, she was a founding member of The Fashion Group International, along with Eleanor Roosevelt, Edith Head and Elizabeth Arden.

She is one of the few people that can claim to have witnessed the first TV broadcast from RCA with David Sarnoff on November 12, 1936.

Delineator magazine acknowledged Tobe as "fashion’s first stylist." in 1937. An arbiter of taste, Tobe's well-informed opinions made the company's services the most highly sought-after in the industry.

Ten years later, Tobe and former fashion editor Julia Coburn joined forces to create the Tobe-Coburn School for Fashion Career in Manhattan with the purpose of providing fashion career-focused courses to young women. The institution still exists today.

For much of the 1950's, '60s and '70s, in addition to running her business, Tobe penned a nationally syndicated newspaper column called "Tobe Says."

In 1960, then Senator and future President John F. Kennedy appointed Tobe to the National Committee of Business and Professional Men and Women for Kennedy and Johnson.

In 2012 under the ownership of Doneger, Executive Vice President Leslie Ghize took the TOBE helm to restore the business to its former glory. Reclaiming the consumer-centric perspective and strong thought leadership position, the TOBE team now proudly provides custom solutions for clients in fashion, entertainment, beauty, food and hospitality.